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Dorms, Private Rooms, Camping

social area killa wasi Killa Wasi Hostel has a clean and comfortable dormitory as well as private rooms and camping grounds. All of the beds are brand new and guaranteed to give you a great nights sleep without bed bugs .

Camping: $5 USD per night
Dormitory: $8 USD per night
Private Room Single: $10 per night
Private Room Couple: $20 per night

pizza at alausi hostel

Kitchen & Pizza Oven

Killa Wasi Hostel has a fully equipped kitchen with all the basic necesities like a fridge, stove, pots and pans, a tonne of utensils as well as… There is also a 50 year old wood-fired brick-oven, restored from the original colonial house, that is used to cook pizza among other things.


Bathrooms, Shower & Laundry

The bathrooms at Killa Wasi Hostel are clean and hygienic and the steaming hot shower isn’t going to electrocute you the moment you touch the taps.

You can also wash your clothes for free by hand in an area designed for clothes washing.


Backpacker Courtyard

The backpacker courtyard is especially designed to be a place where you can relax, read books or chill out to music, use wifi, and play a stack of games we imported from overseas like jenga, pick-up-sticks, uno, darts, and chess or just stare up at the stars.