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Event: OPEN TOUR: Ingapirka Inca Trail


We have a Canadian couple interested in doing the Ingapirka Inca Trail trek with other backpackers in the third week of January 2015. Open Tours like this are great ways to meet new people while keeping costs down – read the info about the Ingapirka Inca Trail if you are interested in joining us.

Ecuador Inca Trail to Ingapirka

One of the many beautiful lagoons on the Ecuadorian Inca Trail (click to expand)

While the Ingapirka Inca Trail in Ecuador is not as famous as its southern cousin, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, it was actually more important when it was constructed 1,000 years ago.

The Ecuadorian Inca Trail once connected the Incan empire’s northern capital Quito with the city at its heart, Cuzco in Peru.

It was part of what the Spanish called the Camino Real (Royal Road) and was used to move trade and messengers as well as large marching armies.

Today most of the Ecuadorian Inca Trail has been destroyed by the Spanish Conquistadors except for a 3 day trek that stretches through Sangay National Park towards the ruins of Ingapirka.

The trek takes you through the pristine Ecuadorian paramo past its many beautiful lagoons and reaches a maximum elevation of 4,200 m (13,776 ft.) above sea level – making it one of the highest points of the Royal Road in the entire Incan Empire.

tambo on ecuadorian inca trail

One of the ancient Tambos constructed along the Inca Trail

Along the route we break for lunch in the ancient Incan Tampus, stone buildings constructed by the Incas, where Chasquis or Incan messengers took refuge hundreds of years before.

We will also learn how the inca trail was used during the Incan civil war as well as pass the giant stone mound cemetery where thousands of troops from Commander Sucre’s army were buried during Ecuador’s war of independence against the Spanish.

This trek follows the Ecuadorian Inca Trail for 3 days before it arrives at the Inga Pirka ruins.

on the mountain pass at altitude

The mountain pass at 4,200 m (13,776 ft.) above sea level (click to expand)

Price Per Person:
$325 per person (discounts for more than 2 people)

Price Includes:
– Experienced indigenous guide
– Bed & Breakfast at Killa Wasi Hostel in Alausi the night before the trek.
– Transportation from Alausi and back
– Camping Equipment: tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats
– Horse to carry equipment
– All Meals

Not Included:
Entrance to Ingapirka ruins ($6 per foreigner)

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