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Event: Pyramid Puñay June Solstice Expedition

Pyramid Puñay June Solstice Expedition

The Pyramid Puñay was a sacred astrological observatory constructed on the peak of a mountain in Ecuador 2,400BC. Since the seasons are changing and we are entering the best time to trek the Pyramid Puñay, with the highest probability of a mind-blowing sunset, Killa Wasi Hostel is organizing a trek on the June Solstice for the 21st of this month.

The June solstice occurs at 10:51 UTC. According to online literature the North Pole of the earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the Southern Hemisphere.

To organize this camping trip we need to know numbers a few days before (to prepare tents, camping equipment, donkeys, a guide) please contact us if you want to be apart of the Killa Wasi Hostel June Solstice Pyramid Punay Expedition!
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