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About Killa Wasi Hostel

This is why you’ll always remember Killa Wasi…

The Vibe

After backpacking South America for years we know from experience what separates those great hostels you’ll always remember from the thousands you’d prefer to forget. The one thing that great hostels have above others is a fun and friendly vibe where you can easily meet new people. We designed Killa Wasi with this in mind to make you and your new friends feel at home in the middle of the Andes mountains.

The chill-out areas are equipped with plenty of places to relax as well as a sound-system to plug in your iPod to play your favorite tunes. The walls were painted by a local artist to incorporate the regional Inca and Kichwa mythology and the mountains that tower above the courtyard will impress even the most jaded travelers.

The Setting

Killa Wasi Hostel is located on an organic farm that shares a beautiful valley with the famous Devils Nose Train on the border of Sangay National Park in the Ecuadorian Andes. The Nariz del Diablo Train steams past Killa Wasi’s spacious 3.5 acre (14,164 square meter) perimeter three times a day and adventurous backpackers can follow a hiking trail beside the train-tracks as it bends around the mountains.

Ten minutes walk from the farm is the town of Alausi which is famous for its colonial architecture and cobblestone streets as well as its giant statue of San Pedro and colourful indigenous markets. Alausi is a historically important town being the transit nexus between Ecuador’s three most important city’s: the port city of Guayaquil and the Andean cities of Cuenca and Quito. Here the President Eloy Alfaro was held prisoner the night before his execution.

international guests at alausi hostel

Alausi and Killa Wasi Hostel is also the perfect base camp for treks inside Sangay National Park. The Ingapirka Inca Trail, Ozogoche Lakes to Atillo Lagoons and the Pyramid Puñay all start within a 30 minute drive from this adventure tourism hotspot.

alausi statue